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Named Sven


The Half Ass Expeditions Guide to Winter Hiking Equipment

Poetic praise for a great piece of gear.

sven saw In the winter wilderness,
Trying my best to survive
I owe all of my successes,
The reason I'm still alive
Not to the helpful ranger,
Nor my survival kit
I rely on a trusty piece of gear
I don't leave home without it
It folds up very nicely
And I lash it to my pack
Its always there if I need it
Securely strapped to my back
Vincentoli likes to thrash and burn,
McAnus prefers to hike low impact
I like to camp in both these ways
So you know that Sven will be packed.
His teeth are sharp and jagged
And this Sven, he never speaks
But he surely is a great companion
When bagging all those winter peaks
For logging , Sven is the greatest
And you can always count on him
To perform his best when clearing forests
To give the woods a heathly trim
He's always welcome to join my journeys
To tag along on all my treks
I'll sign him up for each adventure
We count on Sven to save our necks.
This next statement may shock you
And you might call me queer
But I think I'm in love with Sven
Even though he's just a piece of gear.

--Timur Novasch

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