Best Tips for Passengers on Delayed Flights

If you are ready to hop on the plane but they announced that your flight will be delayed, you might wonder what you should do now. Well thankfully, there are lots of tips that you can follow to help you when you experience a delayed flight. You do not have to wait around when you can make use of your free time! The best tips that passengers can follow when they get a delayed flight.

Get Compensated

If your flight got delayed, there is a good chance that you can get compensation for it. You can get up to 600 euros back just from a delayed flight! If you are not sure on how you can get compensation for a delayed flight, contact the kind people at or if your interests relate to flights to/from Portugal with Wizzair for example, you can try to find answers by searching for IndemnizaĆ§Ć£o por Voo Atrasado na Wizz Air. They will help you get the compensation that you deserve without having to go through all the work by yourself. It is simple, fast and easy and all you must do is give then the required information then get paid!

If you cannot get immediate flight compensation at the airport, you could always ask for some vouchers to get free food and drinks while you are there. However, if you cannot even get that, be sure to keep all the receipt that you get during the flight delay. You can use them as proof later when you try to claim compensation from the airport. They can refund you for the money spent on the things you needed as you waited due to their mistakes.

Go to the Airport Lounge

If you are going to wait for your flight for several hours, you might as well be comfortable as you wait. You will have to pay to get access to it, but it would be well worth it. You will not have to wait on uncomfortable chairs in the noisier parts of the airports and you can just relax in the lounge and enjoy your time as you wait for your flight. You could easily slap on your sleeping mask and lean back and snooze for a bit as you wait for your flight to be ready.

Catch Up on Your Hobbies

If you brought a tablet, laptop or your phone and got a way to recharge them, you might as well catch up on some of your favorite TV shows or continue reading your favoring book. The airport usually has free Wi-Fi that you can use to steam your favorite movies and series and read the e-books you have not been able to finish. With all this free time, you might as well make it as enjoyable as you can. Playing some games could be a great way to pass time too.

Just because your flight got delayed does not mean that you must be bored as well. There are many things that you can do while you wait for your flight, like getting compensated for what you experienced and enjoying yourself in the airport lounge. Follow the tips above and you will definitely make it through as you wait for your delayed flight.