Want to visit Greece this end of the year? These Islands can make you feel safe about the actual pandemic situation

Want to visit Greece this end of the year? These Islands can make you feel safe about the actual pandemic situation

Greece has started to reopen tourism and is now one of the most enchanting places to enjoy a European summer. However, don’t be tempted to visit the most popular resorts. The pandemic is continuing and it would be wise to visit some of the more remote islands in a country that receive less tourism and are good for social distancing. There are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, including 227 inhabited islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Here are seven quieter islands to visit this summer.


This quiet Greek island is one of the easiest islands to reach by boat and the first stop on the Cyclades ferry route. Even though it is close to the mainland, most tourists choose to continue their trip to the most popular islands. We recommend spending time exploring Kythnos, discovering the hot springs at Loutra, and renting a scooter to discover beautiful secluded beaches.


Kea is also close to the mainland and known in certain circles for its amazing remains and underwater caves. If you love scuba diving or snorkeling and want to get away from popular destinations, this is the place to be. The coral reef of this island is blended with marine life so you can swim and dive in the ocean during your vacation and admire the underwater scenery.


This small island has less than 1000 permanent residents and no major hotels. This is a real hidden gem that has everything you would expect from a Greek vacation (beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, delicious seafood) but without the crowds. Visitors can spend their time taking walks to secluded beaches, chartering a fishing boat to explore the coast, yachtrentalmykonos.com have the best offers, or sitting by the water to watch the dramatic sunset beside them.


If you are interested in the crystal clear waters of the Cyclades and white sand beaches, stay away from Mykonos and Santorini and head to Donusa. The island may be small and little known, but it has a beach that was voted the eighth best in the world by Forbes magazine – Kedros. When you need a sunbathing break, put on your walking shoes to explore the ancient hiking trails that connect the island’s villages.